Wax Melts


Large, hand-poured coconut & soy wax melt with serious scent, featuring a richly beautiful fragrance for use with a ceramic burner (40g). These little pots of luxury will give you over 80 hours of aroma from each pot!  One section is plenty for a tea light.

All wax melts come presented in my re-usable hessian sack bags.

For use with a ceramic or electric oil burner. Simply break a piece off, add to your burner and fill your home with long lasting, clean burning scent. Choose your favourite scent, or discover new scents by mixing and matching. Size: 40g. Minimum burn time: approximately 2 to 3 burns of a tealight. Suitable for vegans. Ingredients: My unique blend of coconut and 100% natural, organic soy wax mixed with premium phlalate and paraben free fragrance oil. Never leave a burning candle unattended. For more details visit our safety information and FAQs.

Bergamot & Amber coconut & soy wax melt 40g
A beautiful, balmy scent inspired by days and nights spent by the ocean. The heart of rich amber and the addition of exotic coconut create a pure escape to paradise and make this one of our best selling fragrances.

Blackcurrant & Tuberose coconut & soy wax melt 40g
My limited edition blackcurrant & tuberose fragrance has a warm, spicy undertone and was an instant hit with our scent testers! A decadent blend of blackcurrant, Sicilian lemon, warm woods and the inclusion of the sumptuous white floral tuberose makes this a truly intoxicating, addictive scent.

Cedar & Jasmine coconut & soy wax melt 40g
A sparkling fragrant mix of citrus top notes, followed by transparent florals and the unmistakable scent of cedarwood. We consider this sheer perfection….a very serious scent with beautifully delicate undertones.

Citrus & Basil coconut & soy wax melt 40g
Bright, fresh and one of our strongest and most invigorating scents. An enticing medley of zestiness captured in a timeless fragrance.

Fig & Vetiver coconut & soy wax melt 40g
A rich and earthy favourite. This has all the qualities of an uplifting scent with a sophisticated edge to allow the luxury of winding down. This fragrance oozes Tuscan warmth – prepare to transform the atmosphere of your room!

Lavender coconut & soy wax melt 40g
This fragrance contains pure essential lavender oil and really does not need any introduction. A classic, clean, pure and relaxing favourite.

Lemongrass & Ginger coconut & soy wax melt 40g
Inspired by days spent relaxing at your favourite spa – this magnetic scent is warm and fresh with just the right amount of spice thanks to the pairing of nutmeg and ginger. A relaxing pleaser.

Plum & Patchouli coconut & soy wax melt 40g
Large, hand-poured coconut & organic soy wax melt with serious scent, featuring a well rounded, complex and opulent plum & patchouli fragrance for use with a ceramic or electric oil burner.

Tobacco & Oak coconut & soy wax melt 40g
A bold, modern take on a vintage scent loved by men and women. The warm aromatic blend creates sexy cologne vibes, with a distinct traditional feel. A firm favourite – expect the unexpected!

Wild Mint coconut & soy wax melt 40g
A stunning true to life scent – the raw, herbal freshness of wild mint on a balmy day. The perfectly balanced amount of mint give this fragrance a clean vibe that works well in kitchens and utility rooms.